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Campus Closure Guide

Things to Do Should CUNY Close Campuses

  • Identify a clear mode of communication that will allow you to communicate course changes with students
  • Create an online course location where students know they can visit
  • Select a tool/method for distributing documents and readings
  • Choose central place where students will turn in assignments
  • Set up online space for class or group discussions
  • Set up a method/tool for holding online office hours
  • Determine how you will provide students with feedback on assignments and distribute final grades (while still maintaining student rights to privacy)
  • Identify, establish, communicate new expectations for students
    • Collect details about the closure or event
    • Check with your department
    • Communicate with your students as soon as possible, even if just to let them know more details are coming
    • Consider realistic goals for continuing instruction:
      • What do you think you can realistically accomplish during this time period?
      • Do you think you can maintain your original syllabus and schedule?
      • Do you hope students will keep up with the reading with some assignments to add structure and accountability?
      • Do you just want to keep them engaged with the course content somehow?
    • Review your course schedule to determine priorities and simplify if needed
    • Review your syllabus for points that must change
      • What will have to temporarily change in your syllabus (policies, due dates, assignments, etc.)
    • Articulate clearly new expectations for students
    • Create and share a more detailed course plan